Hi, thanks for stopping by The 12 Places Project! I'm Erin, a designer, photographer and brand strategist based in Minneapolis, MN. I'm on the back end of a year spent living and working in 12 different cities around the world (one city per month, from Nov 2015–Oct 2016). How I found myself globe-trotting for an entire year is a longer story, but the short version is that I embarked on this project as a way to seek creative inspiration in far-flung places, explore the dynamics of kinship and community, and help businesses and organizations tell stories that shine.

This space has been an attempt to document and share the whole wild adventure, the stories I encountered, and the things I've learned along the way. 

The official journey began on November 1, 2015 and ended on October 31, 2016 — but the adventure continues. Click here to follow along!